• WIN a fully stocked Austroplebia Australis Hive!

  • Checkout our completely modular NEW Cypress Hive

    We have a new design in our Cypress Hive range

    This hive is completely modular in design..

  • Adopt A Hive - Coming soon

    We will soon bee rolling out our ADOPT A HIVE program in Ipswich Queensland. Stay tuned for all the details...will be valid for approved custome...
  • Cypress pine austroplebia australis hives now available

    Cypress pine austroplebia australis hives available
  • Pros and Cons Splitting vs Eduction

    Splitting Vs Eduction - The Show Down

    Which method is safer?

  • Vertical Split Austroplebia Australis Hive Update

    An update on our first Austroplebia Australis vertical split hive trial
  • Great News ! Our new Cypress Pine Native Bee Hives are now available

    Cypress Pine hives now available. Hand crafted from beautiful 35mm locally sourced Cypress pine.