Cypress pine austroplebia australis hives now available

This is our TOP of the line Native Bee Hive designed for small hive species such as austroplebia australis, with all the bells and whistles
These are HAND BUILT and will be delivered within 10 Business days as they are made to order
Clear Coated in Marine Grade Products
Hand Built from 35mm  CYPRESS Pine Glued and screwed
35mm Cypress Pine Inc roof
Colorbond roof (basalt) / Optional
Internally routed and screwed Laser cut Acrylic Splitting Plates x 2 for easy honey spill free splitting
Floating Mesh brood basket with 5mm crawl space all round
External Seams are routed and a weather proof seal is added, so no water or pests can enter the hive
2 x Drain holes in box bottom in case of honey spill
14mm Stainless mesh rear vent hole
laser cut acrylic View panel under roof so you can see right through the 60mm honey super
Laser cut excluder plate for honey super access
Stainless steel spring clips to hold it all together

Outside measurements 200mm Long X 200mm Wide X 320mm High.
Inside measurements 130mm Long X 130mm Wide X 250mm High
Cypress pine is extremely durable timber, and naturally termite resistant
Three layers, Bottom and Middle for the brood,
Top section for honey plus a detachable roof

suitable for Native Bees

Austroplebia australis 

Austroplebia cassiae

Austroplebia cincta

Sugarbag bees

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