Great News ! Our new Cypress Pine Native Bee Hives are now available

After months and months of designing, and redesigning we have finally released our first Cypress pine native bee hive.

Hand crafted from beautiful 35mm locally sourced Cypress pine. Cypress Pine is naturally termite resistant with fantastic thermal properties.

Features include:

35mm base and lid making it one of the only 35mm all round hives on the market

Stainless Steel meshed rear vent (no pest can get in)

routed  closed cell weather seals on all levels (no water in ever and NO GAPS for pests to enter)

precision laser cut splitting plates , limiting honey spill during splits, making it much safer and easier to do so.

Precision laser cut view panel for a crystal clear view inside your hive

Stainless Steel Hive clips to hold it all together under pressure

3 coats of Premium marine clear coat for that ultra glossy look


we have more great  Cypress pine models to come, and even a series super for making honey harvesting easier and better for the bees.


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Check them out here


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