MICROATH - Smaller Species Hive for Tetragonula Clypearis ETC

I was approached by a Native Bee Keeper in Cairns to design and supply a smaller species Native Bee Hive for him.

I came up with the MICROATH design.

20% smaller outer dimensions then a regular OATH sized hive.

and just under 2L internal volume. perfect for smaller species of Australian Native Bees that reside in the Tropical North of Queensland




Smaller nest volume native bees such as Tetragonula Clypearis & Tetragonula Sapiens
Clear Coated in Marine Grade Products
Hand Built from 35mm  CYPRESS Pine with Rebated Corners,  Glued and screwed with stainless steel square drive screws.
Removable lid/roof constructed from 35mm Cypress pine and Brushbox hardwood.
Meshed Drain hole in box bottom in case of honey spillage
meshed rear vent hole
Stainless steel spring clips to hold it all together

Outside measurements 160mm W X 220mm L X 200mm High.
Inside measurements 150mm Long X 90mm Wide X 140mm High
Just under 2 Litres internal volume.
Cypress pine is extremely durable timber, and naturally termite resistant

suitable for Native Bees

Tetragonula Clypearis

Tetragonula Sapiens


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