Vertical Split Austroplebia Australis Hive Update

We recently transferred a tiny colony of Austroplebia Australis Native bees into our very first prototype vertical split hive

Australian Native Bees Austroplebia Australis Hive
Vertical Split Austroplebia Australis Hive
Austroplebia Australis Native Bee Hive

35mm Cypress all round (including roof and base)

Vertical split up both sides with a routed in weather strip so no pests or water can enter the hive, rear section not fixed so it can slip straight off the base at time of splitting with little resistance. and a mesh insert to make splitting very simple.

topped with a routed 3mm acrylic view panel for easy viewing inside


This colony was a tiny tiny log that was very rotten and falling apart

brood was around a table spoon in volume at time of transfer.

The hive has come along leaps and bounds and is doing very very well (see Below) and we have evn seen our queen bee working away (see Pics Below)

Austroplebia Australis Native Bee Hive Brood
Austroplebia Australis Native Bee HiveAustroplebia Australis Stingless Native Bee Hive

The Prototype hive has held up very well, no splitting or cracking and seems to retain a lot of heat so they have continued building well into the night even on cooler nights you expect here in Ripley

Our Vertical split hives will be available as soon as we can propagate/split this hive, and deem it SAFE for use, as we dont want to inadvertently promote the harm of our precious Stingless Australian Native Bees.


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