Established Native Bee Hives For Sale Tetragonula Hockingsi
Established Native Bee Hives For Sale Tetragonula Hockingsi
Established Native Bee Hives For Sale Tetragonula Hockingsi
Established Native Bee Hives For Sale Tetragonula Hockingsi

Established Native Bee Hives For Sale Tetragonula Hockingsi

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Current wait time for stocked hives: ~ sold out till DECEMBER 2022...

Place your order as normal to secure your stocked hive for Pickup or Delivery in DECEMBER 2022

Demand for stocked native bee hives is very high ATM and they sell out fast, we are very sorry!


Want to keep your own stingless bees? You can start by finding your own nest and transferring it to a box. Or you can take an easy path and buy your first hive.


The total cost of a hive of native stingless bees is $550 including gst. (exc delivery)

We sell Honey OATH hives stocked with a strong nucleus of Australian Native Stingless  starting at $550 each housed in our custom made 45mm GEN 4 cypress pine hives.

Featuring acrylic splitting plate system acrylic view panels and honey  super divider.

Roof that can be removed for a clear view through the entire hive

Stainless steel hive clips and screws

meshed vent and drain plugs

Optional 12mm ply roof - your hive will stay much cooler and rain won't run down your hive.

We suggest our steel star picket mount system on these hives (see picture of mounted hives- available upon request for an additional $75)


For placing an order to purchase a stocked hive please read.

For local pickup, we SOMETIMES in Slow Season have hives and hive boxes available for sale at short notice. For Hives that Require shipping PLEASE NOTE we only ship established hives on Mondays.. Freight is additional to the sale price calculated at checkout, Stocked Hives require Shipping with an express courier, and are only shipped on a Monday (to avoid sitting in a warehouse over the weekend)

All of our hives come with a 12 month Guarantee and a pdf Info sheet with warranty terms regarding placement



Put one or two Native Bee Hives in your garden and let the Stingless bees do the work while you enjoy extra flowers, fruit and veg's.
Nice honey as well.
No trouble to manage and no Lic. required.
Virtually Maintenance free.

About the hive

Clear Coated in Marine Grade Products
Hand Built from 45mm  CYPRESS Pine Glued and screwed with stainless steel square drive screws
45mm Cypress pine Base and removable Tropical lid/roof
Colorbond roof included
Internally routed and screwed Laser cut Acrylic Splitting Plates x 2 for easy honey spill free splitting
External Seams between each layer are routed and a weather proof seal is added, so no water or pests can enter the hive
2 x Drain holes in box bottom in case of honey spill
14mm Stainless mesh rear vent hole
laser cut acrylic View panel in top of honey super (can be removed and placed UNDER the super to change configuration to an Observation hive)
Laser cut acrylic honey super excluder for when you want to start harvesting honey
Stainless steel spring clips to hold it all together
Cypress pine is extremely durable timber, and naturally termite resistant
Three layers, Bottom and Middle for the brood,
Top section for honey
Laser cut Acrylic viewing panel routed in to top of Honey super, for clear uninterrupted viewing of the entire hive. no need to disturb the bees to check if its time to harvest honey
We only sell Strong colonies of tetragonula Hockingsi  Native Bees
we rehabilitate our rescue Native Bee hives, then only sell on when they are very strong and healthy...
generally they are ready for sale once they reach 150mm height or half way up box internally. Once we have made sure the hive is queen right, and they have packed away lots of stores.
Sizes and shapes of internal structure may be larger or smaller, but we only sale healthy hives that I can give a guarantee on my bees of 12 months
all hives that leave our property are queened, have adequate stores, and Great bee numbers

we provide Excellent after sales care and service on all of our hives.

you need to bee able to provide for your Native Bees the following:


partly shaded location from 10.30 - 11am onward for the hive, to avoid the heat of the day and strong western sun


early morning sun , our hives are in the sun all day in winter, sun is vital for bee health as they wont be active till around 17 - 18 degrees ambient temperature, its very important you provide them with early morning sun to increase the hive temperature so they remain active in the cooler months.




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