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Ever wanted to get yourself a native bee hive but the cost is too much?

we are now doing bespoke eductions from our very healthy logs.

starting at $350 for a strong healthy eduction we can make this a reality

our Austroplebia Australis logs have shown fantastic promise at duplicating hives again and again. so now you can purchase your very own AA native bee hive eduction at a fraction of the cost a fully stocked hive retails for. and best yet you get to see it grow before your eyes.

once your hive has been successfully duplicated, it will be Queen Right - Actively storing honey and pollen, and have NEW brood cells being produced.

if your unsure whether Austroplebia Australis (AA) Native stingless bees are right for your area, give us a call to discuss 0423 881 558

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  • Native Bee Hive Eduction - Austroplebia Australis
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