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Ripley Valley Native Bee Hives Eduction Kits

This is the First version of Our Native Bee Hive Eduction / Duplication / Budding Kit

Eduction is also known as Budding or Duplication , It is a very none invasive way to soft split or duplicate a native bee hive, doesn't cause harm to any bees in the process, but it does take time to perfect. let us help you get the best results you can.

Kits Include

 1 Hive ( Different Styles Available soon - Budget Pine - Cypress Etc) all you need to do is mark your entry hole and drill with a 14mm spade bit (your mother hive may have a different height entry hole than ours, but we can pre drill if you like)

1 Eduction Plumbing Kit Including Wire Mesh bypass for removal once you see good brood developing

1 block of Native Bee Propolis (for melting into your hive)

1 Pamphlet containing a detailed HOW TO on Native Bee Eductions also available HERE


we are always on hand to help out and give guidance to beginners, if you choose to pickup your eduction kit we can show you a step by step process of hooking your hive up, or we are always on hand to talk you through it on the phone, so give us a call if you need help

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