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Native Bee Hive Dividing / Splitting and buy back purchases

Ripley Valley Native Bee Hives offer a number of optional services for splitting and buying back hives whether you have purchased your original colony from us or someone else.

WE ONLY SPLIT HIVES IN THE IPSWICH / GOLD COAST / BRISBANE REGIONS..... Please do not book in outside of Ipswich / Gold Coast / Brisbane region

When a stingless bee colony has been in a box for a year or more, it becomes possible to split a daughter colony from it by either splitting or eduction. After a year or more of owning a hive, some of the people we sell hives to split their colony into two. Others are happy to simply maintain their single hive and so don’t ever split it.

If you purchased a hive from us or someone else in the past and haven’t split it already (or if you did so over 12 months ago), you might be interested in our proposal of one of the following options for you to sell bees back to us:

We back all of our workmanship with a 12 month guarantee

Option 1 - Split your hive for a fee

Ripley Valley Native Bee Hives will come and split your hive for you so that you can turn one colony into two. You  keep both the original colony and the new daughter colony. Empty boxes for splitting are from $130 (color dependent - CLEAR COATED OR WHITE ONLY), and we can bring these along with us. This option requires that your colony has not been split in at least the last 12 months and exceeds 7.5kg in weight. We offer splitting services for $75 per hour (includes travel to and from Ripley). E.G If you are located in the Ipswich region (about 20 minutes from Ripley total coast will be around $200 - this includes all labour and materials. We can split multiple hives in one service. just let us know when you book us in
  • Please note: your hive needs to match our hive dimensions (200mm W x 280mm L )

 $75 Deposit Required

Option 2 - Split your hive and buy the daughter colony

We will come and split your hive / Hives, and then buy from you the daughter colonys which will be created. For this we will pay you $150 per daughter colony. There will be no expenses for you, as we will provide the empty box required for the split. You will be left with one colony as you had before and $150, and we will take one colony away. Hives must weight 7.5kg - This option is free to book and we will pay you $150 per daughter colony upon completion


  • Please note: your hive needs to match our hive dimensions (200mm W x 280mm L )