Standard Oath Native Bee Hive DIY KIT
Standard Oath Native Bee Hive DIY KIT
Standard Oath Native Bee Hive DIY KIT
Standard Oath Native Bee Hive DIY KIT

Standard Oath Native Bee Hive DIY KIT

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Standard Oath native bee hive DIY KIT (Does not include bees)

The hives will be shipped to you with all holes pre drilled. screws, view panels and hive clips are all supplied aswell as Video instructions on how to put together after painting - assembly video



Hand Built from 35mm  CYPRESS Pine
Glued Frames Pre drilled & ready to be screwed together
DIY kit includes
35mm Cypress Pine base brood chamber (marine ply base attached) pre routed and entry hole drilled
35mm Cypress Pine Mid brood chamber pre routed and vent hole drilled
2 x splitting plates and screws for fitting
35mm Cypress Pine honey super pre routed
removable tropical roof
Stainless steel screws x 24 (square drive)
Stainless steel hive clips x 6 and screws x 18
rebated ply honey super divider and view panels x 2 (under tropical roof and between honey super and brood chambers)
acetate View panel below honey super (can be removed honey storage can begin  or used to exclude bees from the honey super for an observation hive)
Outside measurements 280mm Long X 200mm Wide X 320mm High.
Inside measurements 210mm Long X 130mm Wide X 250mm High
Cypress pine is extremely durable timber, and naturally termite resistant
Three layers, Bottom and Middle for the brood,
Top section for honey


suitable for Native Bees

Tetragonula carbonaria previously Trigona carbonaria

Tetragonula Hockingsi

Sugarbag bees


The Hive is empty / Bees are not included

Local Pick up is from Ripley Brisbane or we can ship



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