Collection: Solitary Native bee Hotels

over 99% of Australia's 1,700 native bee species are not social. Many varieties of these bees will use a Bee Hotel. These species do not produce honey but they are great pollinators and fascinating to watch.
-- The solitary bees live all alone in individual nests in small holes or in the ground. Well known varieties include the Blue Banded Bees and Leafcutter Bees, Resin Bees and Cuckoo Bees.
-- The semi-social bees live in together in small groups. Well known varieties include the Reed Bees, Great Carpenter Bees and Metallic Carpenter Bees.

Around 30% of Australia's solitary and semi-social bees nest in pithy stems or in pre-existing holes in timber. Our Solitary bee Hotels are constructed from Marine Plywood, pieces of bamboo and timber blocks with holes drilled in them.

We will also have a range of Clay / Earthen Solitary Bee Hotels coming soon for Blue Banded Bees. Blue Banded Bees dig short burrows in clay soils for their nests. we aim to replicate this and add a compartment in our pre existing designs at a later date.

Place one or two of these in a sheltered location, and your sure to have visitors soon taking up occupancy in your own Air Bee N Bee

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