Austroplebeia Australis

This warm-loving species of stingless bee make an intricate, lacy curtain of cerumen each night as a barrier across their doorway…then they pack it away when they’re ready to face the day again! At the base of their thorax (between the head and the adbdomen) they have tiny cream coloured markings. They like to nest in hollow trees and fight off small hive beetle invaders by sticking them down with resin and biting them. It’s hard to tell them apart from T. carbonaria, without looking inside at the different nest shape they have, but they often build a a tunnel-like entrance into the hive and the lacy night curtain is always a give away!

Austroplebeia Australis are fantastic additions to any home garden for pollination, and they don't sting so they are fantastic for children to observe in their Hives through a viewing panel of which all of our Ripley Valley Native Bee Hives are fitted with.