Cleaning an ACRYLIC view panel

Cleaning an Acrylic View Panel

Things You Need:

  • Dirty View Panel
  • Soft Chux Cloth
  • Scraper (we use a metal scraper as pictured)
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Kitchen Sink          




Over time your bees will deposit propolis all over your clear view panel. This can easily be cleaned off and you can return to normal viewing of your hive inside. Or you can just leave alone, it just means you cant see inside.


This is strictly for during eductions, or on hives that are not yet storing honey or observation hives

Firstly ready your hive for view panel removal, you want this process to be done fast, so as not to attract pests and cause harm to your hive.

Begin by placing a frozen bag of peas, or a freezer block on the view panel for about 5 minutes. The bees should remove themselves from the view panel due to the cold, and sink down into the hive.

Quickly remove the view panel. And if at all possible, place a piece of plywood (3mm) or anything to recover the hive in its place..TIP: a small plastic chopping board will cover perfectly for a short amount of time.



How To Clean Your Acrylic View Panel

  1. Scrape off the old propolis from the view panel using a scraper try not to push too hard, you don’t want to scratch the view panel. Keep the propolis, you can put it around the entrance the bees will reuse it.  see below picture

TIP* run the other side of the view panel under running hot water for a few seconds, it will soften up.

native bee hive maintenance - Native Bee Hive View Panel

  1. Apply a small amount of dish washing liquid to the view panel and wash with the chux cloth under HOT water, don’t worry about the water being too hot, generally 3mm acrylic we use wont bend under running hot water, IF IT DOES lay flat on bench top to regain shape

 native bee hive maintenance - Native Bee Hive View Panel


  1. Once you have cleaned both sides of the view panel, rinse with cool water and dry off…rinse thoroughly and dry very well

 native bee hive maintenance - Native Bee Hive View Panelnative bee hive maintenance - Native Bee Hive View Panel native bee hive maintenance - Native Bee Hive View Panel


  1. Once your view panel is clean and dry, replace onto your hive and the bees will begin sealing up the edges.



I hope this guide was useful and you have a better understanding of how to replace or clean an acrylic view panel


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