I purchased an empty hive, how do i get bees in it?

So you purchased an empty hive (Either ours or someone else's) , now you need bees for it, below are some options

Will native bees move into an empty hive?

Unfortunately no Social Australian Native Bees don't work this way, Although it has been done the chance of Native bees creating a colony in your empty native bee box are very very slim. You will more than likely end up with a empty garden ornament and have wasted your money. Your best option to start will be to purchase a hive with bees inside already. an established native bee colony.

You can find our established hives HERE

below are some methods on how to populate your native bee hive.



you can place your hive in your garden in an area that you regularly see foraging native bees. BUT the chances of bees actually taking up residence in your empty box hive are slim to none. you can do all sorts of things, wax the inside, use lemongrass oil etc etc, but the result still remains the same.

put simply its like dropping a pin out of a plane and expecting to find it on the ground.

this does not mean to say its not possible that a few passing drones (males) may take interest in your hive and move in, but it is however very very unlikely.

if you buy a box based on "if you build it they will come" your going to end up disappointed to be perfectly honest, native stingless bees are colonial, they just don't work that way.

you could try to attract native solitary bees into a native bee hotel instead. there are lots of places that specialise in bee hotels and we have a few in our shop designed for Australian Native Solitary bees.



If you have access to a full healthy native bee hive or log, you could propagate your hive with the eduction / duplication process, we have a step by step guide in our resources tab HERE


If you arent time poor, we can duplicate one of our hives for you into your own hive, or our own supplied box - Details are HERE



if you have a friend or someone you know that has a full ready to split native bee hive, this is your quickest method of getting a colony of native bees into your hive.

you could also ask on places like gumtree or facebook people are sometimes willing to split a hive for a small cost.


 If you know someone who can supply a hive but are unsure on how to split it, we will be happy to help you get bees into your hive by splitting it for you Or by placing one of our rescues into your hive for you, also we can use the eduction method

You can book in a hive split here

please dont hesitate to contact us to discuss your options 0423 881 558


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