How to Install our hive clips

Things You Need:

  • Required amount of hive clips
  • 3 x screws per hive clip (30mm are perfect length for 35mm timber
  • Pilot drill bit
  • Square / ruler for measuring
  • Pen for marking
  • Screw driver for screws (we use phillips head)


  1. Using your square and the image below mark out your screw points

With your square on the side of your hive mark 100mm in from the edge, and then 180mm in from the edge. If your square is 40mm wide also mark 138mm in from the edge. These will be the holes for the screws


Mark all screw points on all layers on both sides of the hive


If you don’t have a square that is 40mm wide, the markings need to be 20mm either side of the layer seam of your hive..

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  1. Pilot drill all the holes you have marked to a depth of 20mm
  2. Install the 2 rearward screws first
  3. Place a screw through the eye of the hive clip, and screw into final hole and fit the clip
  4. Repeat for the desired amount of hive clips



I hope this was helpful, we also have a video tutorial available