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Found a Native Bee Hive in your water meter or in a fallen tree?

Give us a call asap Or REPORT A NATIVE BEE COLONY HERE and we will come out and remove it for you DO NOT SPRAY or harm them please...they are Stingless bees and won't harm you

We will pay You $50 - $100 To allow us to safely remove and relocate unwanted Native Bee Hives and place into our Adoption Program

Native Australian stingless bees are under threat from human development. Ripley Valley Native Bee Hives aim to rescue and relocate as many colonies of these fascinating little bees as we can. This section is for anyone who may come into contact with the stingless native bees of Australia – especially tree loppers and vegetation management workers, firewood cutters, earthmoving contractors, timber getters of all types and the farming community.

If you come across a colony of native bees during a tree removal operation, or in your water meter please call us on 0423 881 558. we will come as soon as possible or provide suggestions on how to deal with and remove the native bee hive from harms way.

In most cases we will even pay you $50 - $100 to allow us to remove the stingless bees cleanly and safely.


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