Report A Native Bee Colony

Need a native bee hive rescue? - Need a native bee colony removed from an unwanted place?

If you have a stingless bee colony that you would like removed or rescued in the Brisbane region, We offer native bee removal services for free, we also pay a finders fee in some cases.

tree loppers and vegetation management workers, firewood cutters, earthmoving contactors, timber getters may from time to time find native bees and need the native bees rescued - please contact us ASAP so we can remove any in danger native bee hives as intact as possible. if possible repair any cuts into the nest hollow or wrap in glad wrap or cloth, make sure the hive is placed the same way up as it was in the tree, orientation is important. if possible, locate the entry hole and cut 60cm up and 60cm down from this point to keep the log of native bees intact as possible.

Please fill in this form and we will contact you asap to come and remove this native bee colony.


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