Native Bees In Schools Program

Native Bees In Schools Program (Ipswich Region)

Australian Native Stingless Bees enable children to safely Interact, engage, learn and experience close up the social behaviors of Social Native bees, promote an awareness of the impact of human activity on the environment and the interdependence of living things.


As an added bonus the bees will pollinate the gardens and your school or Kindergarten And you will be aiding the conservation of the native bee.  The keeping of stingless bees is easy and does not require any special expertise, equipment or license. we will provide checkups and maintenance as required, and engage the students for such things.

The hive needs to be located in shade, the bees will forage in the garden darting back and forth laden with pollen & Nectar. Your Students will be able to remove the lid and view inside through the acrylic view panel provided (with teacher guidance) so they can see the daily behaviors at play in this very complex social colony

Ripley Valley Native Bees have sold hives to schools, Daycare Centers, Kindergartens, Retirement Villages and numerous backyard garden clubs.

we are now moving to get a Free Program Started for Schools, Daycare's, Kindergartens etc in the Ipswich Region so that we can empower our next generations to help protect our precious Native Bees, through hands on demonstrations and discussions that will engage even the youngest of our wildlife warriors

We look forward to discussing the possibility of working together in the future and educating the children of your school.


About Ripley Valley Native Bee Hives Native Bees in Schools Program

If you are involved in a School, Childcare center or daycare you may be eligible for our "Native Bees In Schools" Program

to register your interest  Contact us to go onto our database.

ATM we only service the Ipswich and Surrounds region, when hives become available. but we are looking to expand into the greater Brisbane region.


Hosts must be approved to Native Bees In Schools Program for a period of 12 months.

All "Native Bees In Schools Hives will REMAIN the property of Ripley Valley Native Bee Hives. The Adopt A Hive Program enables the adopter to HOST a Stingless Native Bee Hive on their property for a period of 12 months. At the end of the 12 month period we will come and harvest the honey, as a result of hosting the hive, we will allow you to keep the honey.

The hive will then be SPLIT after approx 12 months and you can keep one half of the hive to continue on in the program free of charge. giving you the opportunity to see the entire process of day to day hive construction again with new students.  The Native Bees In Schools Program is aimed at Child Care, Schools and other educational facilities wanting to have (HOST) a hive of Australian Native Bees without the outlay or maintenance involved to provide a valuable learning tool for the next generation.


We will cover all of the Installation of your Adoption hive, placing it into the correct agreed place in your yard, here it will remain for the period of your contract.

we will also provide 2 information/teaching lessons for children to get involved and learn about our precious native bees PER YEAR

The children will be able to view the bees internally from time to time, enjoy them foraging your garden and helping your local area. you will also be able to watch the hive develop through your clear view panel... BUT the hive must not be OPENED, TAMPERED WITH, MOVED or otherwise interfered with during the duration of your Hosting.

We will look after all the maintenance of the hive, you can just enjoy the bees and a bit of the sweet produce they provide once a year..Beautiful golden Native Bee Honey.

What you will receive in The Native Bees In Schools Program:

  • 1 Established Native Bee Hive (Cypress Pine Hive) including a nucleus of native Australian Stingless Bees.
  • 1 Star Picket Mount and Star Picket
  • Full Installation and Guide for keeping stingless bees
  • Ongoing support in the event of Swarms etc
  • We will harvested honey fresh from the hive after 12 months for you
  • we can split the hive for you after 12 months
  • 2 books to use as learning tools (Tim Heard's book and also Greg Coonan's book)


If you are interested in registering for the program please fill in the below form, we will arrange a time to pop around and make sure your property is suitable, then at the first availability a hive installation will be organised.



We are always in need of suppliers of colonies of native bees to facilitate this program, if you would like to become a DONOR please give us a call on 0423881558.

As a donor we will supply the Empty hive box, and pay you $150 for the colony you fill it with either from a water meter pit, or any other rescue work.

we will also Etch your name or company on the side of the timber box as follows:

"This Colony Proudly donated by"

- Your Name here -