Step By Step Guide To Succesful Hive Duplication / Eduction - Austroplebia Australis


Ripley Valley Native Bee Hives

MINI OATH Native Bee Hive Eduction / Duplication Process Explained - Austroplebia Australis

**This is a simple guide on HOW WE DO Eductions / Hive Duplication's

Results will vary depending on a lot of factors including

1. How Full And healthy the Mother Hive is.

2. how you prepare your daughter (empty hive). if you simply use an empty box with no preparation of course your results will be slower.

3. seasons....when its colder the bees are less active, thus build time will be substantially higher...spring - autumn build time will be much faster due to availability of resources

this is just OUR guide on how we do our duplication's