Tetragonula Carbonaria

Tetragonula Carbonaria (previously known as Trigona carbonaria) is a stingless bee, endemic to the north-east coast of Australia. Its common name is sugarbag bee. They are also occasionally referred to as bush bees. The bee is known to pollinate orchid species, such as Dendrobium lichenastrum, D. toressae, and D. speciosum. They are also known for their small body size, reduced wing venation, and highly developed social structure comparable to honey bees.

Tetragonula Carbonaria forms Spiral Shaped Brood, And Vast Amounts of Honey Pots in their nests. The bee produces an edible honey; the whole nest is sometimes eaten by Indigenous Australians. The bees "mummify" invasive small hive beetles that enter the nest by coating and immobilizing the invaders in wax, resin, and mud or soil from the nest.

Tetragonula Carbonaria are fantastic additions to any home garden for pollination, and they don't sting so the are fantastic for children to observe in their Hives through a viewing panel of which all of our Ripley Valley Native Bee Hives are fitted with.

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