What Are Stingless Native Bees

Australia has eleven species of small black stingless bees. Some are around 4mm long. Some species are black with white fur on their faces and sides, while other species are black with tiny yellow markings on their backs. They build resinous nests inside hollow trees.

Australia's eleven species of stingless bees belong in the genera Tetragonula and Austroplebia. (The Tetragonula bees were previously called Trigona).

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Stingless bees only produce small amounts of honey - less than one litre per year. However, this honey (known as Sugarbag) is delicious and tangy! It is possible to harvest small amounts of honey from suitable hives in warm parts of Australia. It Is not advised to harvest honey in the cooler regions such as Sydney, as the Bees need as much honey as possible to make it through the cooler months. But it's the MOST delicious honey you will ever taste.

Stingless Native Bees can be kept in our custom designed man made Hives or kept in the original log. But logs become damaged in falls and high winds, so we rescue the hives and place into one of our hives to preserve the Colonies and limit the harm done to the Native Bee population in the Ipswich Region.

 If you need assistance with a fallen tree, contact us on 0423 881 558.